July 1, 2014

I enjoy talking to the Lord – John Lo

I love the Saturday training as it really helps me very much in practicing out what I have heard yet may not know how to integrate into my daily life. In particular, I am benefited a lot from the message that prayers are not something religious but a personal talk to the Lord who has the closest love relationship with me. I can freely reveal all my thoughts and my feeling to Him without any reservation, and the Lord can fully understand. This sets my mind more free before the Lord and makes me to be more and more comfortable

Look unto eternity – Teny Li

In this past month, I graduated from high school. During my graduation ceremony, I was really upset because I didn’t get the scholarship I wanted despite my efforts. I basically cried for the whole night over it. However our group was learning about the rewards that we’ll obtain at the stage of Christ. No matter how significant people view it or its size, when we do it for God, for sure He’ll remember it because of His deep appreciation. One day before many, He’ll display it by presenting us with rewards for all the things we did for Him. There

God listen to our needs – Richard Lu

Give thanks to the Lord for blessing the weather for our BBQ event on the Victoria Holiday. Couple days ahead of the event, the weather forecast said it will be raining. But since the weather after the forecast was all sunny instead of raining, we decided to pray and prepare to go. It was light shower in the morning, when we got to the BBQ site around 10:30 AM and it was raining hard, and the new friends we invited started to wonder if they should stay home instead. Then we start to pray for the weather. In the next 2 minutes

Family Picnic Day 全教會郊遊日 – Sharon Tong

Praise the Lord! He showed His favor by providing the perfect weather, particularly for the Go Lively seniors. The sky was intermittent cloudy and sunny. We enjoyed the company of other groups while we were having our group games, potluck and tour along the trail at Fraser River Park. We had more than 10 new friends joining us in this day trip. The Lord really caused us to build friendship with the new friends. May they become the members of God’s family soon. 感謝神,祝福了我們的郊遊樂,使天氣很效力。有超過十位新朋友參加,他們也很希奇神家的豐富、溫罄;我們更得到他們的信任及歡喜,希望他們能快快加入我們的大家庭。

Strength upon strength – Michael Li

Recently, we celebrated our 50th anniversary for this movement. My heart was very touched. I reflected back to the time when I first believed in God. The brothers and sisters from Hong Kong laid down all things to go overseas to preach the gospel. If it wasn’t for their love for God and them going overseas, I would not have a chance to believe in Him. I treasure I have a part in this movement. The Lord is very gracious to me. The Lord’s presence is very great among us. I treasure we have the truth and the way to

Singapore Visit – Tuhien Trieu

I give thanks to God that I could go to visit the English fellowship in Singapore. We spend time daily to have team time with the brothers and sisters from the youth group. What we taught them were simple reminders to experience God in our personal time(like focus, behold and voice out in prayers). I was encouraged that when they took the action, they experience God. Even a young brother felt so free to voice out in the break bread meeting as he shared that he was able to focus for more than 95% of time in the meeting. It

See the things unseen… – Sofia Chau

In the recent Friday night meeting, brother Fish said to see the things that are unseen. There are many things before my eyes that have been clouding my spiritual eyes. These are worries that hindered my faith to grow stronger. I should see the things that are above, the heavenly things. It is like a book. I know what the ending is because of the Lord’s promise. I should clear out the things clouding me with the joy ahead.

Christ is in me! – Wai Ying Chau

Recently, I have been like a busy bee at work. Very often, I did things on my own, and only when difficulties came would I start to seek for God. In a recent fellowship, a sister spoke of a truth that many Christians might overlook in their lives, which is “Christ in me”. God has always been there and He is living with you and in you. But how often do I overlook this in my busy life! Once again I started to pray to the Lord more often throughout the day, entrusting to Him whatever I am doing. I

The key is “daily” – Amy Deng

Recently due to the teachers’ strike in Vancouver, we made good use of the time to gather together to draw near to God every morning. Those who lived close by to each other would meet in a central point, and the rest of us “met” over the phone. Each morning, we would be on the phone at the same time, pray certain parts of the “Enjoy Eternal Life” prayers by ourselves, sing and worship together, shout for joy together, and pray some parts of the prayers together too. These team times are always within half an hour, we would then