June 5, 2014

The Lord answers prayers in His time – Alexis Yung

I invited all my Facebook friends to “Like” the Go SPARK page on Facebook. It was not easy at all, and I prayed so hard in order to ask them for the “likes”, but there was no response. Finally, I got “likes” from ONE friend who I barely even knew. She liked all the pictures that we uploaded. Although she is only one person, but I am so thankful that the Lord had answered my prayers!

New experiences from charity concert – Jancis Wong

The charity concert happened in a flash! Through our rush of organizing the whole rundown to insightful auditions, Go SPARK has managed to let the concert run smoothly and effectively. This concert has brought us into knowing several new volunteer musicians that we enjoyed to work with. I have gained new experiences and developed a closer friendship with my “partner-in-emceeing-crime”, Carrie. Three cheers for the magnificent concert!

He promised to receive us soon – Monica Zhang

I learned that Jesus made a promise to us to only drink the new wine when we are all in the Father’s house, and that we are very close to the stage where the Lord will come back to receive everyone who believed in the Lord to go to heaven.

I live joyfully now, knowing God’s eternal plan – Katy Lee Law

Recently, we’ve been learning a lot about the rapture and things in eternity.  I find that focusing my attention on the hope and joy ahead really helps me to face my life on earth in a more positive way.  During a worship time with sisters, focusing on the day the Lord will receive us in the clouds, I saw a picture of myself flying to the Lord, ridding myself of all things that stick to me and bother me on the earth.  In the end, all things will be new, and it’ll be just me and the Lord and this family. 

Put God before us when praying – Amy Deng

At the beginning of the month, I felt inspired by Violin’s sharing about the impact of prayer. We pray not only to ask the Lord for blessings, but praying is fellowship with God. It enables us to open our hearts toward God, and let Him shape us and give us vision to have His heart towards different matters. Therefore it is important to place Him before us when praying, and have time to wait on, rather than listing out a big list of prayer items one after another. I have been practicing this more in my personal prayer, and also

Face to face – A conversation with God – Sofia Chau

Recently, Violin has been training us to have a real conversation with God; present, face-to-face interaction during our prayers, worship, singing, reading Bible, etc. She compared it to a conversation between 2 people. A normal conversation would be when they talk to each other having eye contact and noticing each other’s reaction. I enjoy even more my fellowship with the Lord everyday now, when I realize that He is present and also responding to me. This frees me from focusing on my own prayers or sentences, from self-consciousness, and from distractions. It is easier for me to smile to the

Close to God throughout the day with short prayers – Wai Ying Chau

Recently, I’ve learned to talk to God more. I am very busy at work and thus the Friday messages reminded me to have more short prayers. When I have more short prayers, I am more aware of God’s presence and it strengthens my faith while facing challenges. I experience God being with me.

Happy to do ministry as a team – Jannie Tang

From doing more ministry, I learned how important teamwork is. Instead of doing a task alone, by cooperating with two sisters and volunteers, the result turned out much better than I had expected. It was easier, and my heart was happier than before.

The Lord is glorious and powerful, but also approachable – Teny Li

I treasure that the Lord is the Risen One full of glory and power. He may be very great, but He is humble, friendly, and approachable. Without this quality, it would be very difficult for us go back to Him and receive His help. Also, He is this way because it’s His great desire for us to be close to Him very easily and freely.