May 5, 2014

My 4th Year in Vancouver – Mayeth Navarro

Last Friday was my 4th anniversary in Vancouver. Although my first three years were wasted away, God still raised me up in this last year. I treasure that he wants me to continue to follow Him and do His will. I feel that this is His love for me, and He has a plan for me. I want to love Him more and more. I want to live a close relationship with Him.

I Treasure My Relationship with the Father – Beth Banh

Talking about your identity, in this society, people do care about your titles, what you do, etc. But those will fade away. I found that my relationship with the Father is the most important. When I take a walk with my son Owen, I do short prayers and short worship. It helps! I’m at least spiritually alive.

Enjoy Phone Prayer – Elise Choi and Mavy Chu

I have phone prayer with Mavy every week. We started enjoying the Seven Treasures of Abba. Last night we read John 3:16, then worshipped Abba accordingly and prayed for the needs of ours and the church. Though it was not long, we tasted Abba’s highest love to us and minded the things that the Lord cared for. I enjoyed this time with her. (Elise) I feel the presence of God when I worship and pray with Elise over the phone. He really delights in us coming before Him. (Mavy)