April 21, 2014

New Book for Sale! The Love in the Beginning – Love Songs of the True Beloved in Heaven.

The Lord desires to live in our hearts and to live closely with us. But only a few people can understand this and respond to His love. Yet when we deeply enjoy this relationship, our hearts are completely satisfied and we can easily overcome all! Read this book and discover the secret of eternal satisfaction and victory! -Chinese translation follows- 新書上市! 《起初原有的愛—天上真良人的情歌》英文版經已面世! 主渴望住在我們心裏,並且與我們親密同活,但少有人明白及回應這份愛!然而,當我們深享這關係,心靈完全滿足,我們便更容易勝過一切!這書幫助讀者發現滿足和勝利的秘訣。

Product from Nepal for Sale

Charity products for sale from Nepal. Make a difference and purchase a headband or slipper from Kathmandu as a special gift for family or friends. Contact:[email protected] -Chinese translation follows- 尼泊爾手工藝品現正發售! 慈善義賣尼泊爾特色頭帶及保暖拖鞋,送禮自用皆宜,所有收益用以支持光愛慈惠項目。請聯絡 [email protected]

I am happy because I have a home!

Thanks to God for He is the father of the fatherless. To celebrate the inauguration of the newly built children’s home(Mar 2014), a memorial book was published to remember God’s miracle, grace and love to the children of Love Light Children’s Home. Get a copy and realize how we have made a difference to the children. Contact: [email protected] -Chinese translation follows- 我快樂因為我有一個家! 感謝神,祂是孤兒的父!為慶祝尼泊爾兒童之家今年三月新居入伙,我們出版記念冊,數算神的恩典、慈愛和神蹟,見證我們的努力改變兒童的將來。 免費索取,送完即止。聯絡:[email protected]

An opportunity to outreach in China

A team went to for a few days to Jiangxi, China to scout for new opportunity to bless the people there. The people we visited welcome our support. The Lord has provided us an open door to outreach in China. Please pray for the plan ahead. -Chinese translation follows- 中國新希望 團隊往江西考察,尋找祝福當地社區的機會,感謝神,我們聯繫上的人相當歡迎我們的支持,主真的打開了中國福音的門戶!請為前面計劃代禱。