April 10, 2014

Family time playing captain ball! – Tiffany Kwong

Last Sunday, the Crystal group and the Sunshine group joined together to play a few rounds of captain ball game in the afternoon. The weather looked a little grey, but how glorious for the Lord to provide us a warm beautiful weather to enjoy this activity outside! Every sister gathered together and played with full enthusiasm and energy! I felt that each sister had fun and actively took part in the game. Give thanks to God for He provides the best for us and we can spend a wonderful time together as a family!

Do more! – Jannie Tang

Give thanks for opportunities to minister to God and to His family. When I do more, I involve more. I developed a stronger bond in this family. When I do more, I am able to see more of the younger sisters needs. I can be less task-oriented and more person-oriented. In the past, I focused mostly on the message that I wanted to share. Even if the person listening may not be that involved or focused, I still try to say out all that I have prepared. With more experience and prayers, I focus more time on fellowship and prayers

I built a habit to have fellowship with God every day! – Jeffrey Chow, Grade 6

What I enjoyed during spring break is the brothers coming to my house to draw near to God with me. We sing hymns, worship together, pray together, and read the bible. I am happy that the brothers helped me to build a habit to have fellowship with God everyday. I am closer to God than before and I can really experience Him. I experienced that when I pray to him, He is listening to me. I also improved in reading the bible everyday.

Not only the activities – Andy Yung, Grade 6

I had a lot of fun this spring break. We went skating, hiking, and also to laser tag. On Sunday afternoon, we also had soccer and the community clean up. What I enjoyed is not only the activities but also drawing near to God. I feel I have improved in friendship with brothers and sisters and also understanding more about the Bible, the Lord and Abba.

A unique way to enjoy the treasures! – Thomas Chuah

Recently the Caterpillars group has been exploring the seven wonders of the universe through reading the gospels. Our approach has been unique. When we looked at a treasure, we would read the gospels in parallel as a group. This has let us see a more comprehensive picture of the treasure since the gospels often portray the same events from different angles. Also, certain events are mentioned in some gospels but not others. Reading the gospels this way helped me to more clearly see the Lord’s love when He faced the cross. He faced a long and painful ordeal from the

I rather pursue the Lord during Spring Break – Alexis Yung, Grade 9

Last year, during spring break, I would stay home all the time. But thank God, this year’s spring break, I join the draw near to God gatherings. I made a lot of friends among the sisters. I also enjoy the worship together. Now, I rather go out to pursue the Lord together than stay home.

“冷面殺手” – Kwok Wing


真正的開心 – Louisa Fong

小時候, 我經常問媽媽我是從那裡來的, 她說是一塊石頭爆開後就有我, 又或是從垃圾堆中撿回來的. 當我長大後, 知道父母生我, 但我卻得不到父母正常的愛. 父親是孤兒, 他從未嘗過父母的愛, 也不懂去愛; 我媽媽常忙於工作和打麻將. 從小我就沒有享受過家庭樂, 要做家務. 我以為做到十八歲以後, 等我結了婚, 有了自己的家庭, 我就會快樂. 十幾歲時, 我經常問自己活著有甚麼意義, 人是否生,老,病,死就完了一生? 人死是否如燈滅? 又或是有輪迴嗎? 心中實在有很多解不開的結, 對人的一生有很多問題, 活著也沒有方向. 一直到我跟妹妹去教會聚會, 我被那些基督徒吸引著, 他們很真誠, 很有愛心, 我覺得與他們交往很有安全感, 很羨慕能作基督徒. 聖經說: 我來了, 是要叫人得生命,並且得的更豐盛. (約十10) 我跟從父母拜祖先, 自己又有許多惡習, 例如: 說謊, 背後說人, 恨人, 小氣, 打麻將….. 自己很難去改, 去勝過.有位基督徒對我說: 你先接受主為你個人的救主, 祂拯救你, 赦免你的罪. 一切的問題, 祂會加你力量去勝過. 一個營養好的蘋果, 都是先吃下去, 你才吸收到蘋果的營養. 真的, 信主後, 我很快不打麻將, 省下很多時間和金錢, 努力讀書, 考到好成績. 我不再小氣, 不說謊,我有了一群能深交的弟兄姊妹和朋友. 聖經說: 要孝敬父母, 使你得福, 在世長壽. 這是第一條帶應許的誡命. (弗六2) 信主後, 我懂得孝敬父母. 後來我父母也信福音, 媽媽前幾年也受浸了. 聖經說: 當信主耶穌, 你和你一家都必得救. (徒十六31) 因為神的愛, 我的人生觀, 價值觀都變了, 我不再自卑, 自憐, 與人比較. 我知道自己的價值, 祂是愛我,為我捨己. (加二20) 感謝神賜我豐盛人生, 使我活著有盼望. 靠著祂, 我可以幫助別人, 將神的愛與人分享. 雖然有時候會遇上困難, 但祂恩典够用, 祂是能使我在黑夜歌唱, 終日喜樂的神. 聖經說: 要常常喜樂, 不住的禱告, 凡事謝恩; 因為這是神在基督耶穌裡向你們所定的旨意. (帖前五16-18)

生日會感受!- Sun Tai

這是我重病後的第一個生日,在這裡我有真關心,真支持,病時同擔,病後同樂。 人生惟有在教會中過生日是最快樂,在這樣的年紀,背景(有著家庭時候),大人玩得多天真,同玩,同瞭解,同慶祝,這裡有愛,是個大家庭。