April 8, 2014

Now I am determined – Elon Suen

I used to be a very quiet boy. As I grew up in Christian family, I followed my family to church. Most the time I followed without a clear direction. Now when I understand God’s glorious commission and His love plan, He changed me. Now I am determined to contribute myself into God’s plan. I desire more to know Him and love Him. More so, I desire more to finish God’s plan!

I feel at home! – Jancis Wong, Grade 10

During my time of settling in Vancouver, it has been a drastic change of environment around me, and everything seemed to go down in a spiral. Yet God took away the burden and brought me here. Attending the church gatherings has been one of the happiest moments in my life in Canada. This church is filled with such loving brothers and sisters, supporting, sharing, inspiring each other the moment you step into the hall. They never fail to welcome anyone to the family of God. The surge of warmth and hospitality given by brothers and sisters gives me comfort and

Follow the Lord – Naomi Tong, Grade 7

I wanted to get baptized because I wanted to do what the Lord wants me to do. My changes are that I feel less bored in the break bread meeting and more willing to pray out loud.

A better me! – Vanessa Lu, Grade 12

Before I believed in God, I used to fight a lot with my twin sister. It was so bad that my mom told me to punch a pillow instead of the wall (making a hole in the wall) to release my anger. Yet, hitting a pillow would not be good enough as I would not feel the pain. I couldn’t control my temper and was upset with everyone. I would often cry to sleep. It was difficult for me to trust anyone. Thus, I didn’t have many friends and was a loner. But thank God that He brought me to