April 7, 2014

主使我明白我的人生價值和意義 – 曾鈺然 (Ian)

感謝主!由於我從去年11月底就在光愛中心做義工,於是得到了一些基督徒的幫忙。雖然他們很熱心幫我,但同時也向我傳福音。當時我看到了基督徒們和我的英文老師在信主後人生都有了一個很大的改變,主耶穌的愛也深深感動了我,於是我決定悔改,在今年復活節,即3月31號接受了主耶穌為我的救主! 信主後,我得了從主而來的平安,倚靠祂改掉了很多以前的壞習慣。在主的幫助下,我也慢慢地戒了講粗口的壞習慣,不再胡亂上網認識女生,也會尊重身邊的每一位! 感謝主使我明白我的人生價值和意義,就好像在某次英文測驗,身邊有好多同學選擇作弊,但我選擇聽主話,堅持不作弊。於是我向主禱告,求祂加我智慧與力量。感謝主,祂聽了我禱告,我在這次測驗得到了6分中的4分。老師也知道我沒有作弊,所以決定將我的文章用作樣板給其他同學參考。 最後,盼望你們一同經歷主和認識祂的愛!

心靈安息 – 陳寶華(96歲)


The best decision I have made! – Jessica Lu, Grade 12

Choosing the path of the Lord is THE best decision I have made and believing in Him has brought me nothing but greatness and a family. This family, God’s family, has become a cherished treasure and something worth dying for. Without their willingness and love to guide me with patience and care, I wouldn’t have been able to become this far in life and made the choices I have made to get here. I am blessed to have been able to have met each and every single one of those individual. But the greatness doesn’t stop here! Oh No, there

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Reaching world ranking through computer games – Stanley Chui

Coming out of high school and having trouble deciding what I wanted to do in the future, I was really lost and had no direction. I turned to many different games to fill this emptiness I had because games gave me a sense of success. There was this game in particular which attracted me so much, I was so addicted to it that I remember one time I didn’t sleep for 3 days just playing the game. After playing, I was able to finally reach the highest level and enter into one of the top tier PVP ranking in the