April 4, 2014

Short prayers throughout the day – Kerry Ko

Lately I’ve been practising having more short prayers throughout the day. I feel that I’m closer to the Lord and I can feel His presence more easily. There are different types of short prayer I have throughout the day. Sometimes I would have a moment looking out at the sky and meditate His highest and personal love to me. From time to time, I tell the Lord that He is the one I treasure most in my heart. He’s incomparable. I feel that my heart is at peace and in joy all the time. I have many short prayers during

你愛我,比這些更深麽?- Samuel Ko

自從上年暑假之後,我心靈和事奉都入到一個新的里程。 Pleasant Group 因著一些中國留學生的信主而成立了。這段時間,有我很多的突破及第一次:突破要與不同的人傳福音,突破多為未信的朋友禱告,突破在小組裡作帶動,更多去組織不同的活動,第一次辦受浸聚會,第一次安排福音聚會,第一次在聚會裡分享信息,等等。經過這些,我發覺自己比以前更穩定,更有耐性,更成熟,更能去組織安排。在同工裡面,我們也比以前更多在一起追求,一起去學,一起去做,一同彼此鼓勵,我們的事奉上真是事半工倍。 回想起來, 當我感受無力去愛、去前行的時候,主總會提醒我”你愛我,比這些更深麽?” ,對了,我們每日所有得的、失的都不是我們的所有,重要是我們有沒有每日深深經歷主。 “主阿,你知道我愛祢,還想更愛祢!”

Ten years ago… – Teny Li, Grade 12

Ten years ago, I was a grade two student who was mischievous, emotional, spoiled and shy. For example, during a parent-teacher conference my teacher described my lagging progress to my mom and it made me cry really hard. To cease my tears, my teacher went to the book store to buy me a toy of my favorite cartoon character at the time, Clifford. I also had deep hatred towards certain people I labeled as my “enemies”. I would gossip and tease them with other people to satisfy my hatred. But going to church gradually taught me how to pray and