March 28, 2014

Joyful to pursue God together – Wells Suen, Grade 7

Usually in Spring Break I would waste my time but this Spring Break was way more meaningful and enjoyable because, firstly there are GoSPARK Club activities and every morning there are brothers and sisters that are supportive enough to help us build a habit of drawing near to God. So every morning at10:30am we would go to the park and draw near to God together. This helped me to enjoy the time together and I feel more joyful having this time to pursue God together. This really helped me to be closer to God and enjoy praying to Him. I

I improved in ministry! – Sofia Chau

I used to take care of sisters with a fear that they were forced to do things they didn’t want to. This fear caused me to think unnecessarily and prevent me from doing the task that I should do. However, when I realize that helping them draw near to God and to involve in the family brings positive changes in spirit, body, and mind, I put aside that fear and took courage to involve the sisters in my group. I learned to pray more for them and to see their needs. I would adjust to their pace to help them