​​My dad supports me to get baptized! I am so happy! – Stephanie Qin​

I wanted to talk to my dad about getting baptized, but I felt nervous and didn’t know how to talk to him about this. I needed my family’s support and understanding before I got baptized. I was worried that my dad would not support me in this decision because he is a traditional Chinese and is deeply affected by buddhism. When I told the sisters about my worries, they comforted me and told me that the Lord would prepare my dad’s heart and give me courage to talk with him. Thanks to the Lord and the sisters’ prayers, finally I talked with my dad. I told him what Christianity was about, why I believed in the Lord, what I gained from the Lord, how I changed after I believed in Him, and how brothers and sisters helped me in Vancouver. Thanks to the Lord, my dad listened to me very attentively and understood me; he encouraged and said to me, “If you think God really changed you to be better and made your life more meaningful, then do it.”

So he supported me to receive my baptism! I am so happy about this, and the Lord did listen to my prayers and prepare my dad’s heart to know Him. I feel so blessed and glad that I got baptized with my family’s understanding and support! Also, I hope that I can preach the gospel to my family one day!